I’ve lived here in South Carolina for a long time.

I lived in Greenville when they had the beginnings of their downtown rebirth of Main Street and now the whole of downtown, but now…once in a while they get a little snooty for an old mill town.

Stuff got real red neck the other night though at a lovely Italian Bistro on Main Street according the the police report from the Greenville Police Department.

Megan Elizabeth Dunbar and her mother were out for some food and apparently alot of alcohol.

Mom got up from the table and tripped on a railing and then the Yeah That Greenville got real.

Megan upon seeing her mother on the ground flipped and smashed everything on the table, turning it over and then started cursing and fighting with the people that were rushing from the other tables and the restaurant staff that was trying to help her mom.

According to the police report Dubar was restrained by a couple of burly gents until the police arrived.

I’ve had the occasion to deal with the Greeville Police Department and they are dutiful and kind and they’ve welcomed me in and shepherded parades for me through traffic.

All that to say they’re great, but kinda take no bull if you don’t behave.

But Megan wanted to keep on.  She wouldn’t stop screaming and cursing so they cuffed and stuffed her in the back of the patrol car.

Most people…Even really drunk people at that point realize…I’m in a cage and probably going to jail…Maybe I should chill.

Nope…Dunbar responded by screaming, cursing some more and kicking the windows of the car.

When police tried to restrain her legs…Yeah she threatened to kill the police officer.

Dunbar was charged…I assume when she woke up at the detention center with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and threatening the life of a public official.

I’d say it’s safe to go back to Main Street Greenville…Dunbar won’t be for a long time.

Thanks to the Greenville Police Department.