Food seems to be the topic for my Friday show, so here’s some stories for ya:

While you probably haven’t given much thought to the question, Brooke Bowden wanted to know: “Which way do you eat your burger?”
In the middle of chomping down, she took photos of her half-eaten Big Mac in both positions, asking, “Seeds on bottom or seeds on top, because apparently no one eats theirs with the seeds facing up”.
Like everything on the internet, people have an opinion. According to Bowden, it seems there is no consensus.
Those in the seeds up camp say if eaten the other way, the seeds end up in your lap. Meanwhile, team seeds bottom notes that the cheese then becomes closer to your taste buds.
Anything to get the cheese closer to my tastebuds works for me!

Meanwhile… there’s a huge toast debate:

Earlier this week, Twitter user @callumismyname0 shared a photo with his followers, declaring, “I present the perfect toast.”
With a boast that confident, you knew the internet would have opinions. In fact, hundreds have commented on the post, while another 72 thousand clicked like and over 6,000 have retweeted.
Several sided with Callum, with one going so far as to say he should frame his food. A different user asked for a tutorial video to get to that level of perfect doneness.
On the non-buttered side of the bread argument, some said he used too much spread, while others complained that the slices were too thin.
I think it looks pretty damn good:

Lastly… wine is getting cheaper and it’s Girl Scout Cookie season, so this comes at the perfect time:

It’s that time of year where Girl Scout Cookies are everywhere and you can’t help but buy a box…or two or three. But instead of plowing through the box of delicious cookies with milk you can now pair them with wine, adding a bit of sophistication.
If you’re into the shortbread cookies, Barefoot Wines winemaker Jen Wall suggests chardonnay.
Malbec is the choice for Thin Mint lovers and for those that like Samoas or Caramel deLites a Brut Rose is the perfect pairing.
Is Do-si-dos or peanut butter sandwich your go-to Girl Scout Cookie? Pinot Noir is a perfect choice, kind of like grown-up peanut butter and jelly. Pinot Grigio is best served with lemon-ups.

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