This footage is pretty crazy to see. On a lighter note, before we get into the heavier details, the woman asking questions that the man would possibly have no way of knowing (ie “Are there cars close by?“) and him responding with a “How could I know that?” made me chuckle. I immediately pictured my uncle & his wife having the same exchange. Now the serious stuff:

Investigators are still, well, investigating what caused the explosion, but:

  • At least 135 people were killed
  • 5,000 injured
  • More 250,000 homeless
  • Apparently people 100 miles away could feel the blast!…that’s like Cola to Charlotte!

The video ends with a major blast, and it seems both the man and woman are knocked down. I’m sincerely hoping that the only reason we have the video footage right now is because they’re okay. Here is another video summing up the explosion and offering different angles.

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