Nerd News: Screen Time Slowing You Down? Try “Monk Mode”

Need to be a little more disciplined with your attention but find yourself easily distracted by your devices? Let me introduce you to “Monk Mode.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like…it’s based on taking a break from all the digital distractions and getting into a deep focus mode. Of course this isn’t a new concept, but it is taking off on social media (ironically?).

And there’s a few apps to help you achieve ultimate “monk mode”:

  • The Freedom app, which allows users to block specific social sites or turn off internet access entirely, has 2.5m+ global users.
  • FocusMe lets users customize their website blocking (you can block all of Facebook with the exception of one group, for example).
  • Cold Turkey claims its website blockers are nearly impossible to break.

And for those who simply can’t survive without a touch of gamification, Forest lets users plant trees — both real and digital — each time they meet their focus goals.

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