Guess what South Carolina? It’s baby copperhead season. Oh Joy! Fall is fast approaching, so hikers, gardeners and other outdoor enthusiasts need to be a little more aware this time of year.
“August and September is the time we see small ones,” said Andrew Grosse, state herpetologist with the Department of Natural Resources.
“If you do come across them, enjoy them,” he said, “but give them a wide berth.” ENJOY THEM? I’m all set? Wide berth? Absolutely. I’ll run away crying and screaming, and I’ll leave a football field’s length between me and ANY snake I see.
Apparently, there are 38 species of snake in South Carolina; six of those are venomous. Guess what? The Copperhead is one of those 6.
And this time of year, the copperhead mommies give birth to live young, typically six to seven babies, although it can be as many as 15. I may faint y’all…
“The little guys are ready to go, fully able to hunt and do the same things as adults,” Grosse said. Awesome. So I’ll be inside until December if anyone needs me.

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