The Year I Got The Kiss MakeUp Kit

I love Halloween.   Favorite holiday hands down.   Like most, I have been binging Stranger Things and it’s hitting the memory button.   I was a true child of the 80’s.   We’re talking Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes that could catch fire at any moment.   Nothing like a plastic Halloween mask to slice your retinas in half while you ran through the neighborhood.    Nothing says my parents don’t make a lot of cash more than a hand-me-down Ben Cooper Kiss costume.

But then there was the one year I finally moved up in the costume world.   Custom made Gene Simmons costume and… The freakin’ KISS Makeup kit.   Best Halloween ever.   Stayed out real late that year despite the razor blade in the apple stories.   Hauled in a huge bounty in the old pillow case.   NECCO wafers???? Get that crap outta here.

So here is a stroll down memory lane.   I give you the KISS Makeup Kit.

Best Halloween ever.



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