Nobody likes performance reviews.

Between 60 to 90 percent of employees, which includes managers, don’t like performance review season, and yet 90 percent of companies hold them annually.

They take lots of time: Deloitte estimated its employees and managers spent 2 million hours on performance reviews annually

From…Here are 101 Things to do with an extra hour.

Any of which is better than a performance review…Even if it’s number one taking a nap and your boss wants to be the big spoon.

The real issue is that most people tend to think everyone does a fine job: in most organizations, 80 percent are above average — which sounds and is impossible

But I’m probably actually thinking of the median employee and it’s all just an exercise in nit picking to cram valuable if unobjectionable employees into an arbitrary bell curve.

Now go fill out your TPS reports or I’ll write you up.