Residents of a California neighborhood are waging war against the owner of a local building known as the ‘Flintstones House’.

The ‘backyard building’ was built to resemble the cartoon home and is surrounded by 15-foot tall dinosaur statues and a giant sign that reads “Yabba Dabba Doo”.

But the neighbors aren’t so amused.  They want the statues removed, calling the scene a “highly visible eyesore”.  They also say the owner, Florence Fang, didn’t have the proper permits.

If you watch the video, Florence Fang seems so sweet and she really loves her house. It’s adorable, and I think they’re complaining about nothing. It’s her land, and she should be able to do what she wants. At least it’s not garbage and junk.

Now I understand needing to have permits to build things, and it sounds like maybe she didn’t go through the proper channels, but I think people just like to make a big deal over stuff when sometimes they should just mind their own business.

I think it’s rad Florence. Keep yabba dabba doing the damn thing!



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