Wonder Woman Comics, Fuzzy Blankets, & An Otter Tank

Most bands have something called a rider; basically it’s their list of “demands” or “wants” when they get to a venue. Some are pretty normal, like a certain brand of beer, towels, snacks, etc. But sometimes they get really bizarre.

Slayer once asked for 100 snow white goats for slaughter, a Halaal butcher to slaughter and cut up said goats, and freezer bags and coolers to put said goat meat in. Oh yeah, and they added 4 black yoga ball chairs to that list. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard!

It got me thinking: if I were a HUGE rock star, what would I put on my rider? Here it is:

From the desk of Martin Q. Manager

To Whom It May Concern,

My client, Sadie Black, will be performing in your venue. Here is the list of required items:

Sadie Black’s Rider

  • Several bags of Funyuns
  • A big bag of Starburst
  • A case of Arizona Green Tea
  • 2 bottles of Gorget Vodka
  • A super fuzzy blanket
  • A pair of fleece Wonder Woman pajama pants
  • Wonder Woman comic books
  • The complete Friends series on Blu-Ray
  • An old Gameboy that only has Tetris on it
  • An otter tank with several otters
  • An otter wrangler

You otter comply or my client will not perform.



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