Okay, let’s talk about this.

Where do I start? It is my opinion that wearing a mask outside is stupid. And while I have many opinions on the coronavirus issue, I will not dive into them here and now. So, back to MY OPINION: she’s not near non-family/friend spectators, she’s outside, and she’s just sitting there. Why would a mask be required in this situation? But…

On the other side, a facemask is required. And that’s that. There isn’t an argument to be had here, because I also believe no one gets paid enough to have to deal with other people. So if you want to go somewhere, just do what tf they’re asking or don’t go. Those are the rules. As a spectator, I don’t want to hear your b.s. No one is loving having to sit in a mask but right now it is what it is.

Alicica wasn’t arrested or tased for wearing not a mask. She was arrested for criminally trespassing after she was asked to leave because she was refusing to wear a mask. Soooo…same thing kinda, right?

Such is life though and you gotta pick and choose your battles. Alicia picked this one.

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