Banned for Life from the Happiest Place on Earth??

A woman is banned for life from Walt Disney World in Florida after she hit a taxi driver and then kicked a deputy at the resort.

Well…She doesn’t seem all that happy does she?

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says in an arrest report that Ellen McMillion of Brandon, Florida, hit the taxi driver outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios last Thursday.

A Disney security guard and a deputy working a detail at the park intervened.

The taxi driver told deputies McMillion started hitting him after she asked him for a cigarette, and he told her he didn’t have one.

Wait for it…Wait for it….

Deputies say McMillion was slurring her words, and they detected a strong odor of alcohol.

Alcohol could have been involved…Que shock!

She was charged with battery on an officer and disorderly intoxication.

McMillion asked for a public defender, but she had no attorney Monday.

And now all the Disney themed punchlines I could come up with:

  • I hear the Public Defenders office in Orlando is a Mickey Mouse operation
  • Alcohol makes you Goofy
  • Were the security guard and the deputy possibly named Chip and Dale?
  • She left her glass slipper at the bar
  • She bit the poison apple…Fireball!!!