Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Case#10135

Passenger plane taxiing to the parking lot after landing at the airport,background is Shanghai city landscape

Ok…So a little background.  I once held a radio promotion that gave away the chance to join the Mile High Club.

A company that may still be in business in Charleston had a Cesna all tricked out to allow the couple to do the naked mambo in the back without anybody seeing them.

The pilot was safely walled off and soundproofed so people could get their freak on.

The couple that won the prize had a good time and all was right with the world.

Now having said that…Other than when people choose to go on Pornhub…Nobody wants to see you do it on the plane to Mexico.

A couple joined the Mile High Club and the world got to see it on Twitter.

A Twitter user posted the video taken by her mom and dad. It shows a woman straddling a man on a flight.

You do see the motion of the ocean but the couple engaging in relations are mostly clothed.

The Twitter post said, “My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this.”

Warning…The video is below and your boss probably thinks is NSFW.



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