Why Is Facebook Marketplace A Nightmare?

You would think from this feature image that I just bought a dresser off of Facebook Marketplace. I did, too. Mostly because she replied “Yes for sure! What day were you thinking?” The follow up conversation went like this:


















After five days of messaging back and forth with this woman, I did not. This person, who took 48 hours to respond to me, then let me know she wants me to send money to “hold” the item. I move on, chalking it up to a one off. I find a desk I like instead. Because the description is blank, I have to message to get the dimensions (again). The woman replies with the dimensions and then “Do you want it?” When I ask if I can come look at it in person this weekend, she says she’s not available (that’s fine) and asks me to figure out a time during the week to which I told her I’d let her know. She messages me back two hours later asking if I have a day/time yet.

I don’t know if people are intentionally dumb or rude or they just live like this by accident. First, put the all information the description. Second, if you’re looking for money to hold the item, say that up front. Third, have a normal response rate (ie don’t wait two days to respond and also don’t hit up people two hours later to see if they’ve figured out ways to accommodate your schedule).

Human interaction shouldn’t be this painful. Also, if you have a dresser or desk for sale, I am interested. I just need to see it in person before I buy it.