This year’s Cyber Monday was a resounding success for Internet retailers as shoppers coughed up more than $9.4 billion for online purchases.
The figure, released Tuesday by Adobe Analytics, represents a 19.7 percent increase from 2018’s Cyber Monday total. Of the $9.4 billion, $2.9 billion was spent between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., Adobe reports, while $3 million came from purchases made on smart phones. Retailers saw sales increases by as much as 540 percent as customers purchased such top-selling products as “Frozen II” toys, LOL Surprise Dolls, the Nintendo Switch, Samsung TVs and Apple laptops.
The spending spree came three days after consumers spent a record $5.4 billion on Black Friday, the report reveals. Since November 1st, U.S. shoppers have shelled out more than $81 billion.
I have spent $0 on Christmas presents so far. It will probably stay that way.

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