As heard on Brady In The Morning. 3 crazy stories from over the weekend…

1: A woman in Tennessee ordered some dresses from Shein (pronounced SHE- in). The FedEx box they came in also had a can of beans in it.  And she’ll tell you the shocking thing that was also included.

2: Did you partake of anything GREEN yesterday for Saint Patrick’s Day?  That reminds us of a story from last week that social media is having a field day with.  The New Orleans Police Department has a rat problem, and their superintendent told the city council they’ve been eating weed from the evidence room.

3: A man in Nevada had more than 100 pounds of sliced bread dumped on his property last week . . . and he had no idea where it came from. Apparently a frustrated truck driver that didn’t want to go through the process of returning his delivery to the proper spot dropped the bread off at this random property.