(WARNING: NSFW Language)

With “Top Gun: Maverick” dominating the box office, an old clip of Quentin Tarantino discussing the original movie is going viral again.

It’s from a 1994 indie flick called “Sleep with Me”, and Quentin’s character is telling another guy how “Top Gun” is actually about repressed homosexuality. He explains that Maverick is “on the edge” of going gay, and Iceman and his crew are trying to get him to take the plunge. Kelly McGillis’ character is trying to pull Maverick “the normal way” instead.

But she can see that he’s being pulled “the gay way,” so she dresses more masculine to win him over.  But in the end, she fails…because Maverick and Iceman have pledged to be each other’s wingmen . . . or something like that.

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