So you wanna be a Youtube Star?

96.5 Percent Failure Rate

If someone you drive to school has decided that this school game is for suckers and that they’re going to quit and become a Youtube star because they’re funny and people will be interested in them…Give them this number sequence:

$16,800 a year…That’s a number just above the poverty line in the United States

3%…The Top 3 percent of the most viewed channels on Youtube make the number above in advertising revenue

And now that you have crushed their dreams…Send them to school and tell them that being a lawyer is a good thing…Because you want a nice old folks home.





12 Flippin’ Years and Never Met The Man Once Pop Life…Five Things To Do In The Soda City Blue Sky…Blue Day 31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers 31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Tom Petty 31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Pink Floyd