Voice Memo from Mike…What we play

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So I’ve encourage people that listen to the radio station to reach out to me using the voice memo feature that is either pre-installed or easily activated on your smart phone.

I like it when people interact with the show, but we get better audio quality (usually) and it let’s you guys talk about me, the radio station…Say Happy Birthday or whatever.

Mike responded to my call to connect and he had some problems with the radio station and what we do and do not play.

Let’s begin at the beginning…I make my living in broadcasting and that means making the most people happy I can within a given age group.

So what I’m looking for in what we play is will people of a certain age like what we do and listen for a long time.

Mike threw out some bands that are at this point not really Rock or even Classic Rock…So much as they are Oldies.

Wet Willie, Dan Fogelberg and the like are just outside the age group that we’re looking for as a Rock Station.

There is an argument that if you played all the good music that you’d have lots of listeners…Or even if you played all 50 years of rock.

First off do you want me to play Sinatra and Guns and Roses?…No…Yeah me either

Second I’ve tried the all the rock deal and it didn’t find an audience as you’ll hear above.

Reach out if you have a take on this…Send me a voice memo to rockdoc@fox1023.com or my personal email address rockdocradio@gmail.com

Mike…Thanks for listening when you can.





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