Love to travel but don’t like having other people’s kids ruining your vacation? Maybe you don’t want your OWN kids ruining your vacation… as much as I love my kids and enjoy taking them on vacation, sometimes it’s nice for the hubs and I to get away without the added pressure and cost of bringing the kids along. It’s also a lot more romantic…
Well, Virgin has all of us covered with an adults-only cruise launching next year.
Billionaire head honcho Richard Branson has started Virgin Voyages, and to kick things off, he’s christened the “Scarlet Lady” to sail from Miami to the Caribbean. I already like the sound of this.
The ship will be strictly 18-plus and feature such adult amenities as a tattoo and piercing parlor, 20 dining and drinking options, spa, and a blow-dry bar, according to CNN. This all sounds amazing. The pictures of this boat are incredible. I’ve never been on a cruise, and I’m thinking this would be an ideal voyage for my first time.
Bookings start on Valentine’s Day for the 1,430 onboard cabins. OK… what’s the cost of all of this I wonder… I’m assuming WELL out of my price range, but a woman can dream, can’t she?

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