Viper Dogfish Shark. Scary AF

The ocean is a scary place.  Red Tide.   Flesh-eating bacteria (scientific name Vibrio Vulnificus which sounds like someone who fought Macho Man in a ladder match).  The ocean is frightening.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a visual: dudes walking around in banana hammocks.   And of course, sharks. Sharks just stepped up their game.  Welcome to our shark nightmare.   May “The Radio Edit Show” introduce you to the Viper Dogfish Shark?

Here is what it does…

“For the viper dogfish, there is little light penetrating as deep as the shark likes to swim, around 270 to 360 metres (890 to 1,180 feet), and it could be using its photophores for attracting mates or prey.
On the other hand, other fish with ventral photophores use them as camouflage to protect against predators from below. When they light up their undersides, they’re harder to see against the light from the sky far above.
The shark has needle-like teeth and narrow, triangular, extendable jaws that allow it to reach out and snatch prey.
It feeds on bony fish and crustaceans, based on partially digested remains found their stomachs, probably swallowing its catches whole”. (via)

Nope.  Just nope!  And someone caught it.  So…if we can catch it, we can kill it.  We think.

Look at this thing.  It’s like Gollum. Wet.  And  Drunk.  On Busch Light.  What can go wrong?






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