Holy Cannoli! Saturday’s UGA/SCAR game did not go the way Georgia fans expected… HECK, SC did not expect to beat #3 Georgia, but here we are! Because of the loss, Georgia fell 7 spots to #10 this week in the AP Poll.

I was in Murrells Inlet attending a bachelorette weekend thing, and we went to brunch at a crêperie… not exactly the place to watch a college football game, but everyone at the table is a Gamecock fan, and the game was on the TV above the bar, so it worked out.

By the end of the game, and by the end, I mean the second OT, we were all biting our nails and standing around the bar hoping that a rainbow would shine over the Gamecocks, who had to put in third string QB Dakereon Joyner due to Hilinski being out with an injury. None of us saw that kick coming… we all assumed GA’s kicker would score and it would go into triple overtime, and to be honest, we all expected the Gamecocks to screw that up when it happened. But there it was… the kick was no good. I stood there speechless for a good 15 seconds and then I shouted “Did that just happen?” I also forgot we were in a crêperie, so that didn’t draw any attention to me at all… Luckily the restaurant was basically empty, and our hugs, screams and crazy excitement didn’t bother anyone.

The SEC made a funny little video about Georgia’s significant loss. As a Gamecock, I appreciate this, but I’m, sure if it was the other way around, I wouldn’t think it was that funny.

That being said… Clemson is now ranked #3. Can we beat #3 again in November? I really hope so…

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