Here’s your “awwww” moment for today:
Anyone who has ever lost their dog knows how nerve-wracking it can be. For Kyle and Laura Krier, that feeling was no different when their black lab, Bo, ran off one night.
The Krier’s spent a long night of worrying when they heard there was a black lab running around town about six miles away. Except, he wasn’t alone.
Kyle hopped in his truck and much to our delight caught the reunion of him and Bo on video along with his two new friends; a yellow lab named Ozzy and a goat named Libby.
Bo immediately hops in the truck, followed by the other dog. Then, Kyle says, “Hey, goat! You want to get in my truck, too? Come on, hop in there! Everybody just get in!” The goat obliges and Kyle takes everyone home, as the two new friends, belonged to his neighbors.

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