The Consumer Electronics Show happened this week and a new machine made it’s debut: The FoldiMate.

This machine will do all of your folding in a matter of minutes, five minutes to be exact, according to the product’s website.

Obviously machines are flawed and can’t do everything: the FoldiMate can’t fold infant clothes (I mean, who can?), sock, underwear (who folds their underwear? You don’t just stuff it in a drawer?) or bed sheets (again, fitted sheets are a NIGHTMARE!), though the website says it can handle bath towels and pillowcases. PHEW! Crisis averted!

The FoldiMate website says “Smart robotic technology automatically adjusts the folding method based on preferences, item type and sizes.”

So, what’s the damage you ask? Approximately $980, according to the website, but the company does say that the price is an estimate that may vary by region.

OK, so when am I adding this to my collection of household appliances? Maybe late 2019, but I say the sooner the better. I hate folding laundry and honestly, this seems like a bargain. This machine will fold my laundry PROPERLY without whining and talking back, which is a lot more than I can say for my husband and kids… worth every penny.

By the way- totally calling the hubs my FoldiMate whenever we fold laundry together. He’s gonna hate that.

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