A friend posted this video today and I couldn’t resist watching it. As a parent, I have dressed 3 children in itchy, scratchy holiday clothes that they inevitably outgrow in 30 seconds. When you have a toddler or a young child, some days it’s a fight to get them to just wear clothes. Parents, we’ve all gone through that stage with our kids. They just want to run around in their underwear, or less, all day long. And I get it. If it was acceptable to stop wearing pants, I would.
But this time of year is especially frustrating. The clothes are wooly, hot, and they never seem to fit right. SNL nailed it with this sketch. I was laughing so hard I was crying at my desk. I even had a co-worker walk in and ask if I was OK. When I showed her this clip, she left crying laughing too.
Happy Holidays parents. Thank God my kids are old enough to dress themselves!

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