Did you know that November 19th is International Men’s Day? This special day dedicated to men was founded in 1999 by the University of West Indies history professor Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh.

According to the official website of International Men’s Day, the celebration began in 1960 as a complement to International Women’s Day, which is March 8th.

The six objectives of IMD are to promote positive male role models and celebrate men’s positive contributions to society, to focus on men’s health and well-being and highlight discrimination against men, to improve gender relations, promote gender equality and create a safe world.

My favorite men in history: Dave Grohl of course, Walt Disney, Mr. Rogers, and Albert Einstein. I have a propensity to like intelligent men with a sense of humor… yes honey, I meant you too, of course. My husband is obviously my favorite man, and my boys are becoming amazing young men as well. So today, I honor the men in my life that are positive male role models and outstanding humans. My co-workers Doc, Weird Beard and Devin 11 are on that list as well. Cheers, mates!

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