Time to dust off your old decks. Cassettes are back, with sales reaching their highest point in 15 years.
According to OfficialCharts.com, while the numbers represent just 0.2 percent of all albums sold, sales are up 112 percent year-over-year in the UK, with over 36,000 bought in 2019 alone.
Which artists are driving the purchases? Alt artist Billie Eilish, who put out several editions of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? in multiple colors, as well as Catfish & The Bottlemen and Madonna. This is totally 1989, right?
The soundtracks for Guardians Of The Galaxy are also big sellers, with several thousand copies bought on tape.
I understand vinyl coming back, but cassette tapes? They are such a pain in the ass. The only cassette I’ll ever have near me again is the one tattooed on my leg…

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