In a video that’s gone viral, a 4-year-old Houston boy flying for the first time calls out another passenger for having stinky feet.

Rodney Small and his father were on their way home from Orlando when the boy noticed a bare foot, coming from the seat behind him, on his arm rest. He looks into the camera and says, “Some stinky feet behind me!” After peeking behind him to see who the foot belongs to, Small exclaims, “It’s a lady!” Finally, he turns around and addresses her directly, asking, “Why do you have your feet behind me?” At that point his embarrassed dad stops recording.

According to Small’s dad, the woman apologized after the camera was off. But it was too late for her to avoid unwanted attention — the video’s been viewed by more than 135,000 people. Kids say the darndest things!

This reminds me of all the embarrassing things my kids have said in public… there are too many to tell at the moment, but I promise you, embarrassing my teenagers is just payback for the stuff they said when they were little.


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