Here’s a quick rundown of this week in science!

1.  There’s a “blood moon” lunar eclipse happening on Sunday, so that’s been in the news.  Just hope for clear skies if you want to see it.  (The full eclipse starts at 11:29 PM Eastern this Sunday and will last 1 hour and 24 minutes.)


2.  In other space news:  Astronomers snapped the first photo of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.  And a study captured the sound of a black hole that’s 250 million light-years away.  They had to pitch it up to hear it.  The actual sound is over 50 octaves lower than the bottom note on a piano.  (That’s the above video.)

Also, scientists grew plants in lunar soil for the first time.  And Congress is gearing up for its first open hearing on UFOs in 50 years.  It’s happening next Tuesday.


3.  In future news:  Google unveiled new glasses that can translate people speaking other languages, and spit out subtitles in real time.  They can also translate sign language.  It’s not clear when we might be able to buy them though.


4.  In big lizard news:  A tiny piece of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs may have been found encased in amber.