Here’s your Florida man story for today! A man in North Lauderdale, Florida was shocked to watch video from his Ring doorbell camera and find a stranger pooping in his driveway.

Wilton Thomas was at work when he saw a green car pull into his driveway. 

The driver got out of the car, took his shirt off, proceeded to defecate on Thomas’ property, wipe himself with the shirt and leave. 

Thomas said, “I know when it comes on for you to go, you have to go. He could have drove himself right toward the left in the fence toward the coconut tree and do what he wanted to do there. That would be no problem – but in my driveway?” Police are investigating the incident.

OK… this reminds me of when my son was 2ish… he pooped in our driveway and we didn’t know it. Later, he stepped in it and told my husband it was dog poo. Well, later on, our neighbor across the street told my husband that he saw our son do it, and then step in it on accident. Parenting fail. BUT, my son was like 2. This guy is an adult. He SHOULD know better… Should.

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