Talk about karma… and of course, this happened in Florida…

Peter Hans Emery was arrested for the theft of medication. The 56 year old was staying at someone else’s home when he decided to steal from their medicine cabinet. Not cool man. They’re letting you stay there and you steal their drugs? 

Fortunately, he was caught on film pouring pills into his hand. Peter thought he was taking opioids, but it turns out he took something else entirely: laxatives.

The pills were labelled as ‘Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen,’ a pain relief medication that can be highly-addictive. Unfortunately for this guy, the pills inside were actually Equate Gentle Laxative, which promises “predictable overnight relief” from constipation. Oops!

Officers from the Pinellas Park Police Department found him on Thursday night, and he quickly admitted to taking the pills after thinking they were Hydrocodone. He definitely took some before he realized what they were, but then threw the rest away according to the police.

You know what? Serve him right! I’d like to say this will teach him a lesson, but he has had numerous charges against him, including drug possession, forgery, auto theft, resisting arrest and burglary, and he served prison time for all of it. So I doubt having a case of the trots will keep him from doing it again.

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