This person does not exist

Artificial Intelligence is learning and coming soon to more and more of your life.  Some of this will make your life better.

Enhanced medical imaging or better traffic patterns for a city so the trains don’t stop in the middle of rush hour…I’m looking at you CSX.

Then there is the stuff that blurs the lines.  The picture you see above was created by an AI.

The site will randomly generate a face based on a database of faces it has but the combination is of a person that isn’t real.

For now it’s just a picture, but in the future this guy could be the walking talking villain in John Wick 27…The one where Keanu gets really pissed after they kill his pet seal.

Go to the site and see for yourself…but be on the lookout for the side demons (evil laugh)

The side demons are artifacts that sometime come over from the source pictures and they are rendered incorrectly by the software…pretty creepy looking…Could be a movie plot of its own.

I’m a real person…For now…Doc