A marketing promotion between Coca Cola and Delta is literally being talked about around the world.
Passengers who flew with Delta got napkins branded by Coca Cola that said, “because you’re on a plane full of interesting people and hey… you never know.” with a spot for your name and number on the back.
Of course, the internet went full steam ahead and had an all-out debate whether the napkins were “Creepy AF” or all in good fun. Some demanded an apology, while others were upset that Delta would cave in.
One Twitter user said, “I don’t see the problem. You never know if someone: Could be a business customer, might have a job for you, may be fun to get to know. What’s the problem? Someone get offended by this napkin?!?”
Another said, “These cocktail napkins on @Delta practically encourage affairs. @CocaCola Hey… you never know.”
While one side praises human interaction, the other argues unwanted advances. Delta has since removed the napkins. What do you think?

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