There’s a Chicken dinner in my drink!

So I’m reading the Wall Street Journal and I come across this story “Waiter, There’s a Bloody Mary in My Chicken Dinner…A classic cocktail becomes performance art garnished with sliders, chickens and doughnuts.

I’ve been amazed as cocktail culture has come back around how much stuff has been stuffed onto a glass and still called a drink.

The “Bloody Royale” as featured in the video above from Zagat sports a burger slider, a back-wrapped jalapen, a pickle spear, a cube of pepper jack cheese, a pickeled tomatilla, a live, a roasted brussel sprout and an onion ring.

On the other hand the Gin Joint in Charleston doesn’t serve any liquor made after prohibition so that means their simple bloody mary actually has gin in it not vodka, and they use a clarified tomato juice that makes the drink itself look a little yellow…No garnish at all.

My favorite mix…Made right here in South Carolina is:


So the next question…Where do you go for your bloody mary…And who has the best?



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