We all remember Stephanie Matto, right?  She’s the “90 Day Fiancé” star who was selling her farts in a jar . . . until the diet she needed to keep up with the demand landed her in the hospital with intense gas pains.

Well, Stephanie’s got a new hustle:  She’s now selling jars of her BOOB SWEAT.  And once again, she’s making THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

She’s selling the bottles for $300 or $500, depending on how much sweat is in them.

Stephanie was averaging $5,000 a day just for laying by her pool and sweating . . . until a BEAR started hanging around her yard.  Now she’s behind on production and thinking about investing in an indoor sauna.

(WARNING:  There’s some swearing at 8:18 and beyond, when she talks about the bear.)

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