The White Mule…New…And In Five Points


After a rainy and kind of hectic Thursday with Hurricane Michael I was happy to get out of the radio station and into the new White Mule in Five Points.

Trae Judy who has recently segued from The Music Farm into this new musical adventure showed me the building when it was stripped bare and gave me an overview of his plans for what he calls the rockblock.

The concept includes the new White Mule and a music incubator where groups and artists and support teams can come together to create the infrastructure to power a vibrant music scene here in Columbia.

I’m excited about the venue itself and the incubator concept and it’s not specific to the rock genre alone because there will be jazz, local music and singers and songwriters.

An old friend Mark Bryan from Hootie and The Blowfish, Occasional Milkshake and other bands you’ve seen over the years was there last night and we employed a listening room atmosphere where Mark could work out some songs and we could enjoy.

Big ups by the way to the people that got Village Idiot delivered pizza in the front row.

From the pictures you can see the place is dramatically changed from what used to be the Speakeasy.  The sound was great the the staff was too.

You should go check out a show here.



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