The Sexy Sax Man Never Gets Old

If you have never seen The Sexy Sax Man, you are in for a treat. I was only introduced to him about a year ago, but he has been running all over the internet playing Careless Whisper for about 7 years.

Side note: Rest in Peace George Michael. Freedom! ’90 is still my favorite car tune and guilty pleasure. By the way, that video is one of the sexiest music videos you’ll ever see. Just saying…

Any who, back to The Sexy Sax man… his name is Sergio Flores, and he does what he wants. He invades shopping malls, laundromats, fast food joints, and even college classrooms, and plays them his sweet sax sounds. I think this is absolutely hilarious. You can actually book him for a Saxagram; he’ll go wherever you want him to (for a fee), and play the sax. Mullet and suspenders included. Righteous. He’s only in the LA area right now, but I bet, if you paid for his airfare, he’d come to SC and saxify someone for you.

I will admit that he kind of interrupted me once, and not even in person. Soooo, about a week after we first saw Sexy Sax Man, the hubs and I were having alone time, and he turned on some “romantic mix” on Amazon. A few songs in, during a heavy make-out session, Careless Whisper¬†randomly came on. We both busted out laughing, and couldn’t stop. Good times. Good times…

Even Deadpool loves Careless Whisper, so your argument is invalid.



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