Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s time for romantic music… which made me think about sexy music and videos. My favorite sexy video of all time is Chris Issac’s Wicked Game, hands down. I’ve always fantasized about rolling around a beach with Chris… and I’m sure my husband has done the same… except Helena Christiansen is definitely there instead of me. Ha ha!

My second favorite is Freedom! ’90 by George Michael. It’s nothing but 90s super models, and the man himself. It’s really sexy and definitely my second favorite sexy video!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add this one. I LOVE Janet, and this song is probably the sexiest song of all-time as far as I’m concerned, and this video is just as hot! Janet for Queen!

I asked Doc what he though the sexiest videos were, and he’s a little more demure than me… I think he had a huge crush on Sheena Easton and Samantha Fox back in the 80s, so these are his picks. Sugar Walls was a Prince song, and I’m sure you can figure out the innuendo here… Samantha’s song is a little more obvious with her intentions.

I asked for yours on the Radio Edit Show Facebook page, and here’s what you said:

Prince: Call My Name. I mean, Prince was the KING of sexy. That man had it coming out of his pores. I’d also like to throw “Get Off” into the mix. That’s one sexy video.

Prince is apparently popular in the sexy video department. This is his first TV appearance. He’s wearing a leopard leotard thing and thigh high boots. He’s the only straight man in history that could pull that off…

Prince on The Midnight Special from Princefan046 on Vimeo.

Rod Stewart, probably the sexiest man to come from Scotland, also showed up on the list:

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Tawny Kitaen/Whitesnake video. This one is pretty hot…

Maybe some of these will help set the mood for your Valentine’s Day!

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