Your Amazon Packages Could Soon Be Delivered by Robots

Amazon is trying out another method of getting you your packages. This time, by a self-driving robot named Scout.
As of Wednesday, the company started testing out the robots in Snohomish County, Washington.
Amazon says their six-wheeled, light blue, smile-stamped robot can maneuver its way around people and pets. What about cars? If a robot hits my car I’ll be slightly ticked off.
While the program is still new, workers will be accompanying Scout on its deliveries, but not much more information has been released as to how this service works.
It looks like a cooler on wheels. My question is: how is that thing going to climb up the stairs to my house? If it can’t climb stairs, is it going to just drop my package off in the front yard? That’s my only concern really. I think it would be fun to see little Amazon robots roaming around the neighborhood. Also, can we get on them and ride them around? That would be fun! I have a feeling if extra weight is detected it will stop, but if it doesn’t, yee haw! Giddy up Scout!
Do you like Amazon for the ease of use? Is the company trying too hard with this new delivery method?

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