If you are trying to avoid all “Game of Thrones” spoilers, you might want to cover your eyes and grab earplugs. For those who can’t get enough of the series’ on its final season, this might be of interest.
Students at the Technical University of Munich created an Artificial Intelligence program back in 2016 that predicted what would happen during the show’s sixth season.
Firing up the computer again this year to crunch the data on which characters are still alive and what that person’s chances of survival are, one will emerge victoriously.
If you put your trust in AI, sitting atop the Iron Throne will be Daenerys Targaryen.
Where was this info when we started the Fire and Ice Death Pool? Geez!

Watch the video to see what the new theory about the Night King is. It’s kind of crazy, and could be true! We’ll all find out between now and May 19th when the series concludes.

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