How cool would it be to live in a home you’ve seen on screen?  Well according to Zillow, it might cost you a pretty penny.  Here’s a list of famous homes you’ve seen in movies and on TV shows, with their estimated value:

1.  Wayne Manor from the 1960s “Batman” show:  $14.9 million

2.  The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” mansion:  $10.6 million

3.  The “Full House” house:  $5.4 million

4.  The “Brady Bunch” house:  $4.5 million

5. The “Three’s Company” apartment:  $4.3 million

6.  The “Golden Girls” house:  $4 million

7.  The “Happy Days” house:  $3.2 million

8.  The “Mork & Mindy” house:  $2.7 million

9.  The “Who’s the Boss” house:  $2.3 million

10.  The “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” house:  $1.5 million

11.  The “Wonder Years” house:  $1.3 million

12.  The “Everybody Loves Raymond” house:  $718,000

13.  The “Married . . . with Children” house:  $571,000

14.  The “Dexter” apartment:  $257,000

15.  The “Roseanne” house:  $210,000

(Of course, you haven’t actually seen INSIDE all these houses.  Some of them were just used for EXTERIOR shots, while the inside was just a set in a Hollywood studio.) 

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