The Most Rock and Roll Moments in Rock and Roll

I’ve brought it up to co-workers, my wife and child.  If you want to see real power…absolute power that will give you goosebumps…Go watch Queen Live at Wembly for Live Aid.

Freddie Mercury has 100,000 people that would do his will…He could have ordered them to tear the stadium down brick by brick and they would have happily done it.

Now the movie.  Rami Malek is a remarkable likeness to both young Freddie and old.

Check out the trailer above…And then wait with me for November.




Pop Life…Five Things To Do In The Soda City 31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Tom Petty 31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Pink Floyd 31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Queen Updated from 50 Years ago…For your phone Ladies and Gentlemen…Rock and Roll…If they’d only stuck with that.