I love candy corn, I always have. A mixture of sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glaze, salt, dextrose, gelatin, sesame oil, artificial flavor, honey, yellow 6, yellow 5, red 3, and gelatin, it’s always been a Halloween staple for my family. I love eating it in layers; I have no idea why, because there’s no taste difference between the colored layers, but I’ve always done it that way.
But for some reason, candy corn has become the most hared Halloween candy. I just don’t understand why. It actually has a very deep history, rooted right here in the US. (click on history for the full article)

The true creator of candy corn is a mystery lost to time, but the first reports of the multi-colored sugar drops began in the 1880s when the candy began appearing during the Halloween season. Soon after the candy’s sporadic appearance throughout the states, the Wunderle Candy Company began mass-producing the treat under the name, “Chicken Feed.”

I love all types of candy corn and it’s cousins, especially the mellowcream pumpkins. I’ll stand behind candy corn until my dying day. #TeamCandyCorn Just stop putting it on pizza. That’s nasty.


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