A couple of items belonging to the late Kurt Cobain were auctioned off for nearly $100K over the weekend.
The items included a cardigan sweater Cobain wore during a 1993 photo shoot that sold for $75,000.

But the item that I’m befuddled about was a pizza-stained paper plate that Cobain used to write the setlist for a 1990 gig in Washington, D.C. It sold for a whopping $22,400. $22 THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A PLATE? If I’m going to spend that much money on rock memorabilia, it better be a piece of clothing they wore, an instrument, a journal, etc. But a plate he ate pizza off of? Who kept that? Why did they keep it? And how do we even know Kurt ate off of it, and is that really his handwriting? So weird. Honestly, this just makes me want pizza…

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