This is becoming a daily thing now:  The U.S. military shot down ANOTHER “high-altitude object” yesterday possibly another Chinese spy balloon, we don’t know. To be clear, we’re not talking about the one they shot down over Canada on Saturday.  This was a FOURTH one they shot down over Michigan this time. Here’s what we know, which still isn’t a lot . . .


1.  We’ve now shot down four “high-altitude objects” in just over a week, including three in the last three days.  The first was the Chinese spy balloon that landed in the Atlantic off South Carolina.  The second was something the size of a “small car” that was shot down over northeast Alaska on Friday.  That one was lower, about 40,000 feet up.


2.  On Saturday, a third object was shot down over the Yukon in Canada.  It was fairly close to where the second one was.  The U.S. and Canada coordinated on it, but a U.S. plane ultimately took it down.


3.  The fourth one was shot down over Lake Huron yesterday afternoon.  The Air Force and National Guard handled that one.  It was even lower, about 20,000 feet up.  So airspace over Michigan was briefly shut down to protect flights.


4.  It was actually spotted on radar a day earlier over Montana.  Officials first said it was a radar anomaly.  But now the Pentagon says it was the same object they ultimately destroyed over Michigan.


5.  So what are they?  The government still isn’t saying.  But we know the first one was a Chinese spy balloon, and some officials have suggested the others were probably balloons too.

After the third one on Saturday, Senator Chuck Schumer said China is likely using a “crew of balloons” to spy all over the world.  Until now, we just weren’t paying close enough attention to altitudes that high to spot them with radar.


6.  People online are joking it’s aliens.  The term “UFO” is being tossed around a lot since that’s technically what they are.  But if it’s aliens, it’s been a very slow and low-tech invasion so far.