No, that’s not the name of my new band… it’s the name of 2 burgers. One doesn’t exist, and the other one shouldn’t exist! Let’s start with the real one first:

While it sounds like an April Fools joke, the Albuquerque Isotopes waited until April 2 to announce that they will sell a cotton candy topped burger when the season opens this week.

The minor league team calls their creation the Tumbleweed Burger, which has a green chili bun and ghost pepper cheese in addition to a “large poof of red chile cotton candy”. GROSS!

Tuesday’s reveal didn’t go so well… I didn’t expect it to to be quite honest with you. Many Twitter users offered up their opinions. A couple asked if they got the date wrong, while several compared the pink addition to housing insulation. Another summed it up, writing, “Looks like diabetes”. It sounds like heartburn.

Now, for the burger that isn’t real, but maybe should be:

The gherkin is out of the jar and there’s no going back.

McDonald’s April Fools joke about a McPickle Burger has taken on a life of its own. The Australian arm of the fast-food giant pranked the world on Monday with a photo of Big Mac where the two all-beef patties were replaced by sliced pickles.

Turns out people really like the idea and were upset to learn it’s not actually a thing. For now anyway. Twitter exploded, with comments on the post demanding Mickey D’s adds the item to the menu, with one user even offering to draft a petition to make it real.

Sounds like McDonald’s will be in a real PICKLE if they don’t make this a thing… I don’t apologize. That pun was solid.

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