The Latest on the Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident

Police are continuing to investigate how a cinematographer was killed and a director injured by a prop gun on the set of the Alec Baldwin western, “Rust”.  Here’s the latest:

The film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed told police the day of the shooting that she checked the ammo in the gun, and they were all dummy rounds.  She also said there were never live rounds on the set. She claimed the gun was locked in a safe during lunch that day, and taken out just before the shooting.  But she did say there were other people who had access to the safe.

Assistant director David Halls is the man who handed the gun to Baldwin and declared it “cold” . . . meaning it wasn’t dangerous.  He says he remembers seeing three rounds in the gun, but he didn’t check all of the chambers, which he should have done.

After the shooting, he inspected the gun and found four dummy rounds, plus what appeared to be a spent LIVE round, although that’s not confirmed yet.  Police do believe some of the ammo they confiscated from the location was live.

Oh, and Halls was fired from the set of a movie in 2019, when a gun accidentally discharged, injuring a crew member.

As for any possible charges, police haven’t ruled out ANYONE yet.  But that’s all they’re saying.

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