Can you just pick up your life to travel the world with a self-made millionaire? I might just have the job for you.
Australian businessman Matthew Lepre is looking for a personal assistant who will go with him from country to country as part of his e-commerce and coaching business.
Lepre posted a video about the position on YouTube last week. He called it “the coolest job in the world.”
The assistant will get to travel plus $52,000 in salary. You must be at least 18-years-old, be able to multitask, arrange travel schedules and be proficient in social media. The application is at
Um, I meet all these credentials. I’m killer at multi-tasking, and I social media for my job already. Plus, I have a valid passport! Also, this dude’s accent is super hot (sorry honey!). If I’m not around next week, this would be why! Do you think my kids will miss me?

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