Signs are increasingly pointing towards the retrieval of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and parts of unknown crafts by the United States, potentially involving countries like China and Russia over several decades.

There’s mention of a secretive division within the CIA known as the Office of Global Access (OGA), which, according to undisclosed sources, has been involved in procuring nine seemingly “non-human craft” through retrieval missions spanning years. The Daily Mail referenced these sources, noting the recovery of seven crashed UFOs and two fully intact ones.

These claims align with assertions made by David Grusch, a former United States Air Force intelligence officer, during a recent Joe Rogan podcast. Grusch suggested a longstanding UFO arms race among the United States, China, and Russia, dating back almost a century.

As per three sources speaking to The Daily Mail, the OGA, operating under the CIA’s Science and Technology Directorate since 2003, has been central to gathering crash debris. These assertions echo Grusch’s testimony in a highly anticipated public hearing before Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer subsequently backed a bill permitting the disclosure of “recovered technologies of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence,” later ratified by the Senate. However, The Daily Mail’s sources imply that these retrievals have not been publicly disclosed.

“At least nine vehicles were involved, each with different circumstances,” mentioned one source. “The condition of the craft upon retrieval varies. Crashes cause significant damage, while two were found fully intact.”

One insider informed The Daily Mail about the CIA’s capability to detect cloaked UFOs, deploying specialized military units for debris or craft retrieval. Another source suggested that these military units excel in recovering debris from inaccessible areas, even behind enemy lines.

“They act as facilitators to navigate across borders,” the source claimed. “Their expertise allows them unparalleled access worldwide.”

While the OGA primarily engages in conventional missions like locating stray nuclear weapons or downed satellites, UFOs are evidently part of their operational scope.

“The primary objective is to secure and maintain the confidentiality of the retrieved items,” shared a source. “The physical retrieval falls to the military, but control doesn’t remain solely within their purview due to record-keeping. Therefore, these items are swiftly transitioned into private hands.”

Grusch hinted at a UFO arms race dating back to 1933, mentioning an Italian crash involving Pope Pius XII, the Vatican, and alleged communication through intelligence agencies that evolved into the CIA, subsequently reaching then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This purported incident predated the infamous Roswell crash in New Mexico, where speculation emerged about the recovery of UFO fragments and even theories about extraterrestrial beings taken to military facilities for examination.

These fresh UFO disclosures arise amidst increasing testimonies following the July Congressional hearing. Jeff Nuccetelli, a former United States Air Force patrolman, recounted an alleged encounter on the “Merged” podcast in October 2023, describing a tense moment when unidentified objects approached, causing panic among radio operators.