Here’s your Florida story today… now it doesn’t take place in Florida, but the woman involved in the story is from Florida, and once you read this, that will make more sense.
A woman had to get “creative” in order to escape from a camel at a Louisiana truck stop.The woman was chasing her dog when she followed it into the camel’s enclosure. The camel, named Caspar, became agitated and pinned the woman against a wall and sat on her.
Desperate to escape, she bit the camel’s testicles, which allowed her to run away. She was later taken to a hospital with undisclosed injuries. By the way, she’s fine.
But Caspar’s owners are blaming the woman, saying she was pushing and swatting the camel, and was throwing dog treats into the enclosure when the dog ran in. They say Caspar is friendly and plays with smaller animals like goats all the time.
By the way, the woman is fine. And, they’re fully expecting that Caspar will still be able to sire a few camel babies…

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