Last night, the Snooze Bowl commercials gave us a chance to get a peek at some of the movies and shows coming out in 2019! We got another look at Avengers: End Game, which comes out in April. This movie is supposed to change a lot of the way Marvel movies look from here on out, so it was no surprise that they used the Super Bowl to advertise. I’m really excited to see how this series pans out. We get to see a lot more of the characters that were left after Infinity War, and now we’re all left wondering what they’re up to.

Marvel is going to have a huge year again. We got another glimpse at Captain Marvel, and I predict, she’ll be the most popular Halloween costumes for women and girls this year. She is bad ass!

For the kids (and kids at heart), we got a little peek at Toy Story 4. The Toy Story movies are some of my favorite cartoons, so I’m pretty stoked about this! We don’t get a lot to go on, but Buzz is a prize at a carnival/theme park game booth, and Woody is still hanging out with Bo Peep.

If horror movies are your thing, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is coming in August. I remember reading the books as a kid, so I’m looking forward to screaming in the movie theater. This trailer was my favorite because it’s so creepy!


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